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  • Construction Site Security Management (CSSM)

  • Counter-Surveillance Operations & Techniques

  • Covert-Surveillance Operations & Techniques

  • Capture, sort and identify relevant information, to mitigate potential threats

  • Detailed analysis of all RISK elements

  • Enhance efficiency and cost management through proprietary TVA software application

Assessment App Development

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Threat Vulnerability



SCIF Construction

Secure Procurement 

Secure Shipping

TVA Consulting is a small construction company specializing in SCIF Construction on small projects.

TVA’s subject matter experts on are proficient in ICD 705 requirements and construction. TVA’s low overhead operation allows us to very competitive in biding your project.

With a combined experience of more than 25 years in SCIF construction, planning and accreditation process TVA will be efficient in meeting tight timelines.

The complexity of SCIF construction is extremely difficult for most clients and it’s important that TVA takes the appropriative amount of time to inform and educate clients.


ICD 705 is the required standard and in carefully planned Pre-Construction meetings are the first critical step in insuring a successful project.

Determing the scope of work needed for your SCIF will help to develop the proper cost proposals. The RFP submission can make or break getting winning your project.

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EMP - Electronic Magnetic Pulse 


TVA innovators in EMP Protection is teaming with the leader in EMP Protection - EMP Shield - as authorized installers of EMP Shield Products for Commercial and Secure Critical Infrastructure.

All Critical Infrastructure is required by Executive Order to protect there structures and electrical systems from an EMP attack or event.

TVA's team of Certificated and Cleared American Electricians have years of experience in secure contracting industry.


Specializing in installations in:

  • Government

  • State Department

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • DoD

  • Financial Institutions

  • Hospital

  • Police, Emergency and Fire  

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The originating concept for the TVA software was developed for austere hostile environments, conducting threat assessments. It has since expanded into Multiple directions, FEMA, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and intelligence sectors, along with our working with a major design and manufacture company conducting Electromagnetic Pulse research and development. Our software app has the capability of fitting into any aspect of social protection. In fact, to eliminate the threat of cyber security our system can be utilized with the internet.

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TVA Consulting has the field experience to provide your company with the precise, practical expertise necessary to mitigate your security risks. As a leader in the development of Threat Assessment software, our team has the proven ability to provide assessments that enhance security precautions, effective planning and forecasting your budget.


To maintain the most secure environment possible, we start by using our proprietary software and trained professionals to give your organization many advantages. TVA software was designed to be used in stringent environments, capable of capturing and sorting security risk data to provide enhanced security protocols.


TVA Consulting applies computer applications combined with trained professionals to provide data needed to improve your security environment. Having an actual assessment of your security protocols compiled with our "TVA Site Overlay" app, we generate detailed reports that enhance your threat & vulnerability security plan.






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